05 May 2011


Sure has been a long time since I wrote anything of note. I blame this:

18 August 2010

Procrastinators Anonymous

So much for studying. I need to go to PA. Procrastinators Anonymous...

I've been trawling fffound (website of procrastination dreams) and discovered this ditty. I love whoever wrote the second note. Comic Sans is definitely like the pre-school kid of the font world...

10 July 2010

Clouds as an analogy for happiness...

How can an individual move from feeling like this?

To feeling like this?

Here are some of my suggestions....

Take a dip in this:

Hang out with this:

Live like this (in a house made of cheese!):

And, listen to this:

28 June 2010

An homage to my New York steak.

An ode to din din in the form of a haiku...

Delicious steak mmm. 
Warms me from the inside out. 
It's what's for dinner.


26 June 2010

Jonesin for shooting the curl in Mexico...

These photos, coupled with the tune below, make me wish I was surfing in Punta Mita, Mexico... right... now.

Click here for the surf tune.

15 June 2010

Owls vs. Physics

Instead of studying for a Physics final, I spent two hours drawing things with my fingers on my Mum's iPad. I think I've missed my calling as a cartoonist...